Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mario Mushroom nail art

Random unscheduled post!

This is an inspired by nail 'art' post. And my art looks like a child did it, but since it was done during preschool I had no 4 year old helper. My 2 year old only has interest in pencil/crayon type art and pretty much ignored me. So that means a full grown woman in her 30s was this skilled. Jealous?

If you want to see nicer looking ones go check out Munchy's Nails' post here. The knockoff is below using polish I had in my stash.

Base color is Covergirl Heavenly Heather,* the red is OPI The Color of Minnie, green is Sinful colors Happy Ending, black is Sinful Colors Black on Black, and white is China Glaze White Out.

I did 2 coats of CG heavenly heather, then used Hole Reinforcements (from the stationary/office supplies) for the mushroom shaping. I should have put these much lower on the nail.  Next time I will.

Then I used a dotting tool for the eyes and the dots.

I did have some issues with the glue from the hole reinforcements getting stuck to the polish. That partly explains the funky black eyes. So don't press them down really hard.

**I believe Covergirl no longer makes polishes. I bought this color 6 years ago and wore it to my wedding. So you can be jealous if you want, it matched my top perfectly. Its the perfect disappearing nail color for my skin and has a wee bit of silver micro glitter. I actually meant to do a whole post on this color before I realized it was no longer available. Oh and I had to clean up a 2 qt pitcher of red koolaid from the inside of my fridge and under it so my cuticles got stained pink before I did those pics. So pics didn't happen, maybe next time I wear it**

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