Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching up!

Sorry I missed Monday's post! I have taken some photos and didn't get posts written. I also did my nails and never got good pics twice. So, today during preschool when I only have one kiddo at home I plan on getting at least tomorrow taken care of. My nails are actually rather LONG for me, like to the end of the fingertip. I have to show them off while I can.

Also a post on hangnails and care/treatment is coming. Winter is coming and if you get dry skin issues in the winter, you are more prone to hangnails.

And I am hoping to keep this schedule for posting, however my 33mo old has officially gotten a diagnosis of autism so I get to add 25-40 hours of therapy a week for him. Fun times! This is also a reason why I will never have long nails, playing with kids all day just doesn't make for nails past the fingertips. 

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