Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Butter London Knackered

I have finally figured out macro! It only took a few weeks of failed blurry pics. I have not mastered flash yet, and it is a sort of cloudy day so no bright direct sun. But I am not totally embarrassed by these pics. so wohoo!

Knackered is a purple to turquoise green duochrome. It has bigger sparkle flecks in it. Trust me none of the photos you can find online will do this color justice. If you find it in a store you WILL me mesmerized.

This color is rather sheer and would be an awesome top coat for darker colors like black, navy blue and even some dark greens. Well I am sure there are others but I want to try it over those colors. Sadly my nails are showing how much I have scrubbed the kitchen and floors too much lately so I won't be swatching this polish with multiple undies for the sake of my splitting nails. Some are even on my non-dominant hand because the nails are in better condition.

See those pictures, you can't see the awesome colors at all! My camera tends to have problems with purples anyway, so that is part of the problem. This is 3 super thin coats of Knackered with OPI's top coat. Its not my fave top coat, but a certain 2 year old smashed some bottles together and there is a big chip on the side, so I am using it for everything now. Until its gone.

And one coat over OPI's Siberian Nights (Deep purple, see my post here)

Butter London retails for $14 for 0.4oz. I purchased this polish myself and all opinions are my own.

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