Monday, October 29, 2012

LynBDesigns Medusa Cascade

Glitter bomb. Oh yes.

Medusa Cascade is from "The Doctor is In" collection by LynBDesigns. Its a fabulous top coat and could even be a stand alone polish. This is newly formulated, and I never tried the old version so I don't know what the differences could be.

And check out that font on the bottle label. Yeah this fan girl approves.

The clear base is slightly blue tinted so it will tint whatever you layer it over. I got full coverage with 3 coats, so if you want an intense glitter bomb nail without the wait time of a base color, go for it.

I tried this layered over white and just plain and I really liked the pop the white gave it. It sort of makes the polish glow from within. I am sure it would look nice with a darker base as well. My base color is Orly's Dayglow which was marketed to make neons pop, and it does great under glitter toppers as well IMO. If you have tried this base coat and hate the streaks, you are using too thin of coats. Make them thicker and you will have less issues with streaks. And no, thinner doesn't solve that problem, its just really a white that wants to be put on thickly and left to dry fully. I did 3 min between coats first try though and then ruined the nails before pics when changing a diaper. The glitter was dry when I bumped it and it literally slid off the white.  Do a full 5+ minutes for dry time for each layer of Dayglow. Just trust me on this.

And back to the sparkles.
This is 1 layer on the pinky and ring fingers, 2 layers on pointer and middle. The glitter does sort of want to do the dab technique application, so that is what I did for most of the fingers. The ring finger I actually just brushed it on though. Still a nice look, but I could see needing more coats for complete coverage if you do it this way.

The glitter died a little bumpy, but not gritty. Actually it dried about as bumpy as some glitters do WITH a generous top coat so I was really happy with it. A top coat made it completely smooth.

Click on the photos to zoom in. You know you want to see the rainbow holographic action going on. There are tiny glitters that are holographic as well as the bar glitters and some of the stars. There are silver rainbow holo stars and some dark blue stars that turn green to blue to purple. The light blue stars are matte.

This one has a bit of the color washed out because it was in the clouds. They have been rolling through all day and its been variations of sun and bright but no sun, and dim cloudy.

I love this color! Seriously. I tested out the polish for opacity and then reapplied it twice thanks to a diaper fiasco and I still don't want to take it off. I didn't even get annoyed that I had to apply it again because its so dang pretty. Oh and because I used a glue base coat so at least it was fast and easy between applications. I also admit after testing application on one fingernail I went back and bought more. What can I say, I really like them!

LynBDesigns nail polish retails for $8.50 including shipping to the US. Yes seriously! I believe she only sells polish within the states, but she sells lip balms, and other goodies outside of the US. She also runs great coupon codes frequently so read the shop announcements when you go there or check her out on Facebook page for coupon codes. This polish was bought by me and all opinions are my own. 

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