Monday, December 31, 2012

China Glaze Sci-Fi

I thought I had posted on this one before, but I couldn't find the post. So, here it is.

China Glaze "Sci-Fi" is a metallic purple. Its from the 2009 Khrome collection which is a bunch of crome metallic colors. I actually thought it was more of a gray until I started playing around with the color and toppers and the lavender really came out.

Its a one coater, except that it tends to drag if you don't paint really fast and then let it fully dry.  >.<  So paint each nail fast, and don't go back to it until its fully dry, even if you miss a spot. If you do, you will see what happened to my middle fingernail. Not a killer, but if i weren't planning on layering this later in the week, I would add a second coat to that nail.

The color looks gray on my hands. Maybe its because its cloudy (snow is rolling in and by the time this post goes live Monday morning we should have at least an inch on the ground. It can pull off a metallic silver almost gunmetal color if you don't have gray next to it. It would be excellent for people that want a neutral that love wearing purples. Its just a Hint of color.

Disclaimer, I bought this myself. I got it online at a discount store (TonyNail) over the summer. It might be a bit hard to find since its a little older. But since it is in a discount site, I am guessing it might not be *that* hard to find.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Different DImension "I've Been an Angel All Year"

Sorry this is a little later in the day than usual, I haven't found my nail polish groove again. But I wanted to share my Christmas manicure. Well I might swap colors since I have another polish I haven't tried out yet, but as of right now, this is what I will be wearing tomorrow.

And even though its Christmas Eve, its just another day in our house. The husband is at work, we are dropping off food for LINK's Christmas Eve dinner. Link is the Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen. Its housed by the church directly across the street from the homeless shelter, and our church usually is responsible to serve 4 times a year, as well as helping with the holidays. This year we are doing Christmas Eve dinner.

Anyway onto the nails!

"I've been an Angel All Year" is a milky white base with white, silver, and blue (matte and sparkly) glitters. Its pretty, and not totally "Christmas" so I can wear it all winter. Funnily enough my other seasonal collection color IS totally christmas (red and green glitter bomb) so if I end up with another post this week sporting holiday nails, you all know why.

Also, sorry for the cuticles, i ran out of orange oil and its not coming until the post Christmas clearance at Sally's. And I bumped my nails so there is a dent in the middle finger. I don't mind it, so its staying.

Like, love it? Want some more of it? I bought this from Different Dimension's etsy shop. As of this post she had a 20% off code (good until the 26th), so you can get your own for 20% off $8.50. She also has the option for overnight shipping including Saturday delivery if you NEED this for a New Year's party.

Now I am off to be domestic and super crafty awesome mommy (or at least to hand out cookie bribes and turn on Charlie Brown Christmas Special). I hope you all have a great holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Painting Salt Dough Ornaments with nail polish

What do you do with those colors that you get that turn out to be a bad color for your skin tone, crappy formula, etc?

Here is one simple solution. Salt dough ornaments! Its Christmas Break here. That means no preschool and no autism resources for our area.

First make up a batch of salt dough. There are cooking recipes and non cooking recipes. I went with the easiest recipe I could find (i.e. no cooking)

Salt dough recipe:
1 cup salt
2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup warm water

Mix flour and salt with a fork. Slowly add in water and mix into a dough. I used my hands at this point for mixing. Knead the dough for 5 minutes or until its a good consistency. You can roll this out and cut with cookie cutters. (We did ours free hand because I am awesome like that)

Bake at 200 for 2-3 hours. (I upped the oven to 325, the bottoms were slightly brown.)

Now once they are dry you can paint them.

You will want something over the table. I brought out part of the recycle bin (cereal box) and opened it up to cover most of the table. A paper plate will also work.

I was accompanied by a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

I regretted the nail polish as medium choice once we all started going. Especially since a few of the polishes I had pulled out to use up were from before 2006 and not 3 Free. If you haven't whiffed one of those lately, whew its STRONG!

But I used up one polish completely that was over 10 years old and with thinner it was still clumpy and streaky, and most of a green that looked terrible on me. And even a bit of the yellow that stained my nails. Overall I am quite happy.

So were my helpers. Even though the 2 year old won't pose, at least he helped paint!

The 2 year old kept painting everything red so we added a heart to the angel.

This was meant to be a giant heart, the back side she pained all green and said was a leaf. This side was decorated with Christmas Lights.

Top row (L to R) was a sun, then the baby Jesus, then candy cane. The baby Jesus we had to mix colors to get a brownish tan. Then his face was painted red several times by the resident red painter i.e. 2 year old. Eventually I said ok.
Middle row was a holiday tree, wreath, candy canes.
Bottom row was heart/Love, a doughnut with sprinkles. Glitter wreath with holly and one last candy cane.

In case yo are curious what sort of 'browning' a higher oven temp with do, the bottom right candy cane is flipped over to show the 'browned' side. Its very light.

I added some spare yarn and hung these on the tree. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making a Comeback!

Oh man its been forever. I wrote a post the day after my surgery, and that was probably one of the easiest days until over a week after that. All the meds they give you during surgery really do take a day or so to get out of your body. In case anyone is curious here is how it went.

I had surgery on Tuesday. My mother-in-law came that afternoon. Hubby took the day off of work. The next morning swallowing, etc was painful but I took my narcotics and iburpofen and was ok. I spent a LOT of time sleeping. I would get woken up for meds and a protein shake.

Then Friday night I got thrush. Anyone that has ever nursed a baby and has dealt with thrush, its far worse in your own mouth! They took me off the antibiotics and we started pushing probiotics and yogurt. Meanwhile it hurt to do anything. Even fully medicated and not swallowing I was wincing in pain. It took several days for that to wear off. I also ended up getting lots of nausea and got some anti-nausea meds as well. You should see our credit card statement. We went to the local grocery store and made purchases 4 times in one day a couple of times (usually one in the pharmacy one at the register in the same trip. We being my husband. I never left bed except to use the toilet 10 feet away.

Anyway it took until the end of last week for me to even spend a day on the couch. And over the last 4 days I have been getting better and better each day. I painted my nails Sunday for the first time since pre-surgery. I even was able to eat chocolate! Still no tomato sauce (too acidic), but I have eaten plenty of 'real' food so that is exciting.

Nail posts will resume later this week!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox 2012!

I am in recovery from all my head surgeries. So far it sucks pretty bad pain wise, but I have done better than some of my friends who had adult tonsil removal. I am doing the trick I learned from a pharmacist post baby and taking the pain meds as soon as I can round the clock for at least a few days. Even with the meds, it really hurts to swallow.

Anyway, I busted into my Influenster box Monday night as part of my pre-surgery relaxation. My helper was thrilled.

Sorry for the reflection on the card included. The back stated what everything was in the box. I will go through it one by one.

First up was a cenus razor pack. There was a full size Venus Embrace razor and an extra head. The extra head is Gillette® Venus® & Olay™ Razor. Its interchangable with the other handle, and I didn't have a chance to try it. But, essentially you wet the razor and then it will lather into a soap for shaving purposes in the shower or bath. Both razors have 5 blades and are made to hug curves. I used the Venus Embrace pre-op and was very pleased with how closely it shaved. I had to use antibacterial soap prior to surgery so I used the more basic blade.

Second thing I tried was chocolate. Poor me having to review delicious chocolate.  I won't be able  to have awesome stuff like this for a while. This is Ghiradelli Sea Salt Escape all natural chocolate. The thing that will do in in will be the nuts.They were delicious though. It contains milk, nuts and soy, so if you are on limited diets for these items, skip this exact product.

Again sorry about the indoor flash photos. I wanted to get this started before my surgery. I would totally buy more of this chocolate. I will be seeking out nut free varieties for my throat, but it was delicious. The sea salt added a bit of flavor in there and melted in my mouth with the chocolate.

Next up is Forever Red perfume from Bath and Body Works. Its a fruity scent with some vanilla. Accodinf to their website the fragrance is:
  • Top Notes: Fiery Pomegranate, Rare French Peach, Luminous Apple
  • Mid Notes: Red Peony, Night Marigold, Red Osmanthus
  • Dry Notes: Rich Vanilla Rum, Velvety Marshmallow, Oak Wood
 I wore it for a day and I really liked it. It was sort of sexy but still lighter. Definitely let it sit for a while before purchasing though. Some of the more fruity smells were not noticeable after a bit of wearing and it was mostly a sweet vanilla scent. I would go to the store and try on a tester and leave it on a couple of hours before purchasing. Bare nails because they had to be polish free for surgery.

Last but not least where some really nifty pens Frixion by Pilot Pen. They are fine point gel pens, and they have a little rubber cap that you can erase mistakes with. Unlike traditional 'erasable' ink pens, I didn't notice smear. I am a lefty, and like most left hand writers I end up smearing words with my hands when I write. The ink dried quickly and was easy to erase.

This was written on the bottom of the box my kit came in. I erased some letters and changed two words between the two photos. I enjoyed these a lot and I will be adding this pen to my South Paw friendly list. Its perfect for the on the go small calender I keep in my purse.

All in all, I found the box really fun! I may have been familiar with some of the product lines, bot not these exact types.

Disclaimer. I received these products for free to review them. My first promo post!