Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OPI Up Front and Personal

I have been wearing this for 4 days now waiting for sunlight to take photos. I give up. Its been dreary, cloudy, rainy, and filled with Tornado warnings. Spring is finally here in Kansas!

OPI Up Front and Personal is a sheer gold with bits that reflect red and gold in the sun. Its from the Spring 2010 Brights collection.

This is 2 coats. I knew it was going to sheer, so I decided to embrace it. A lot of people hate seeing visible nail lines. If that is you STAY AWAY. This really is a sheer color. For me, I think sheer colors look really clean and tidy.

But, this gold is a really flattering color. Its not very yellow, and the red and green sparkles will keep you staring at your hands when you stop at red lights or sit near a window.

This is an older collection, but I think the color is still pretty popular. Its easily found on Amazon in the $5-6 range.  I bought mine from a discount beauty supply store online.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OPI You Calling Me a Lyre?

My laptop fell and cracked the screen. So its in the shop until June.  Awesome. Next week's post is ready to go, and the only desktop we have has Ubuntu as the operating system. If you don't know what that is, well I don't either. It can't run my preferred photo software for cropping photos. So I am on strike. Plus, my husband graduates this Friday with his associate's degree. FINALLY. Its only taken since before our fist child was born over 5 years ago. Ha! And we will have family visiting for a week. If I disappear for a bit, I will be back.

Ready for some nude nails? Oh the scandal!

This is one of my favorite types of nail polish. Its great as a go with anything polish. Its also ideal type for musicians, sign language interpreters, and others that can't wear color. Or even if you like color, its nice to change it up!

OPI 'You Calling Me a Lyre?' is from the NYC Ballet Soft Shades collection in Spring 2012. They are all sheer or semi sheer soft colors. They actually are described as sorbet colors. Sorbet means they are super glossy and somewhat sheer. This is a new term for me. I guess Jelly is like what you get with Jello, and sorbet is more like turkey gravy (at least the way I grew up making it without flour added, just some starch to thicken the broth/drippings). 

This one is a light peach tinted pink. This color reminds of the color of pointe shoes and I want to go watch some movie or TV show about ballet students now.

I know some people have claimed this color/collection is streaky. I did not experience that with this color. I know a few of the colors I did add a drop or two of polish thinner to combat streaks. It might help that I am applying it in the winter and its cold and dry.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bootie Babe Pink Slink

Last week's post was draining, so you know what that means, pink polish. Also, I have started doing nail polish swaps. Its the awesome of nail mail and the freeing joy of getting rid of polishes I will never wear.

Bootie Babe (the brand) was created by a man. No surprise here. Have you see the butt on the bottle? Its like sexual harassment being marketed to women. *sigh* I did not photo the butt. It felt almost lewd. This bottle shot was just in my hand while checking lighting.Outdoors was too bright, and I ran out of batteries before I took another shot.

I got Pink Slink in a mystery box blog sale. Its a spring pink creme. Coverage evened out in 2 coats for the most part, but it was streaky. Its a nice spring color on me, but I would not really recommend it. See below.

Now this is an older polish (made in 2011), so if you buy new ones from the company, ignore the next rant. They fixed it, but since I am reviewing the one I have here it goes. The handle is a BEAST. Its short and wide. Even my 5 year old had issues. And the brush is teeny. I think the brush are the main causes for streaky hot mess. Ugh.

As an aside, when I was looking up info on the company I found out when this polish was sold they retailed for $6 and could be found on sale for $4. Now they run $12 for the bottle and clearance at $8. I guess that longer handle led to a 100% increase in costs. :-P So yeah. Love the color, not a fan of formula and less a fan of the brush/bottle. I would probably go pick up a drug store light pink cream for less than $6 and be happy with it.

Here is the tiny bottle compared to a Sinful Colors bottle. The SC is about half used and there is still more polish than in the BB.

If you want to buy this brand to give out as gag gifts or to your favorite chauvinist pig, you can google the company name and find them. They do not have a regular line, so if you like a color you see, buy it.

P.S. I only reviewed this because I decided to review everything I wear if I have a camera handy. But now I want to go pink cream polish hunting.