Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Water decals - tips and tricks

One of the newer nail art things is water decals. These are the temporary tattoo of nail land, so I was excited to find out about these. If you remember in my last post talking about bornprettystore sending me things to try out and review for them, this is what they were actually contacting me about reviewing. So I am doing it!

Like most nail art, there is a learning curve. So, I added some tips along the way.

Gather your ingredients. I ended up adding a few other things. Namely tweezers, a different color of nail polish and a quick dry top coat.

1. Paint your base nail color and make sure its dry. Not 'I added a quick dry top coat' dry, but for real.

2. Trim your nail decal. This is NOT trimming.
This poor guy was scrapped because trimming was not working well. At the very least trim around the cuticle area.

Like this. This is a future zigazag at an angle - that is why there is a chunk missing at the edge, that is where the edge of my nail will be.

4. Soak in water for 10-20 seconds. I didn't count, but I was definitely on the 10 second end of things.  Get nail wet so the decal can slide around while you adjust it.

In this one I ended up trimming it more because it actually grew some in the water. So don't be too fastidious in your trimming - or over trim a little. I also used a glass nail file at a 90 degree angle to trim the very edge of the decal even with the edge of my mail.

Another option (since this is a strip of pattern) is to treat it like a color blocking.
Again the edge of the nail is super easy to file off, but the area near the cuticles is harder, so place that in a way you won't have to trim with nail scissors.

5. Blot off any extra water. Coat in a top coat.

I ended up adding some fluorescent pink to my color blocked decal nails. If I had a striping brush or striping tape, I would have outlined the blocking in black to really make it pop.

Polish used: Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (base coat), Sinful colors Snow Me White (an excellent white polish), SinfulShine At Sea (the blue), Avon MegaWatt (color name sticker came off), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

Want to try these nail decal strips? Find them here! There are some puzzle piece ones that would be great for autism awareness! Its only a couple of dollars and shipping is free. They also have lots of other neat things that aren't nail related, so check the site out. Also, you can use my coupon code  in the widget on the right to get 10% off your order.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sometime I wear stickers

And not just because my kids stuck one on my chair before I sat down. (Disclosure, unlike EVERYTHING ELSE on my blog, I got one of things for free. But as usual, all opinions are my own.)

 Cast of characters (L to R): Zoya Hazel, Zoya Muse, Sinful Colors Cinderella, 3D nail stickers (from Born Pretty Store ), in front tweezers
You aren't supposed to touch the sticky, so I grabbed a pair of tweezers I keep in my nail stuff for this purpose. Bend the sticker backing, then put tweezers udner the corner and you are good to go. Apply over nail polish then top coat.

Sorry this photo doesn't include Hazel. I couldn't decide which darker color and did each hand different. But, then I found it really hard to get a good angle on my right hand and take a photo with the iPAD. So, you only get the picture of Muse and Cinderella - even though my cuticles are in polar vortex mode.

Now the back story to this post. So last month I got this random envelope in the mail from born pretty store. No invoice, no note, nothing. I thought well maybe someone sent me a gift and put it on my shelf totally forgetting about it. It was a super hard semester for me, and my nails did not get painted for probably the last 5 weeks of the semester. Then the holidays and visiting family happened, and school started again.

Yesterday I got an email from Born Pretty Store that someone had been promoted, but had I got a package and could do a review of the product. What? This was something I was supposed to review?
1. I had no idea.
2. I can't even find these specific stickers on the website.
3. The stickers had been totally sitting on a shelf with some papers for my job just being ignored. 

So, I guess I totally failed at this whole thing. But, the stickers are fun and super easy to apply. And its a heck of a lot easier to use (and certainly easier to remove without damage) than any of the full nail vinyl stickers that are out there.

P.S. My 7 year old was super jealous that I had post bedtime plans doing art without her. But, she would probably want to put eyeballs on her nails. Like these.  I guess I will have to order some for us to use on Spring Break.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Exposure aka Sometimes I do glitter

You know how glitter is so pretty and sparkley and it just mesmerizes you?

Yep. That just happened.

I am often impressed by how good of photos I can take with an ipad. Seriously.

This is from the Kiss nails gradation trio. It is called Exposure. It is a gold glitter gradient kit with the last layer also having some large holo glitters in them. They have a pink, gray, and blue according to the website but I didn't see the blue when I was at the store last time. Its probably too popular. Or my Walmart makeup section is too busy looking like a war zone. I want the other colors though.

I also used a new to me top coat from Poshe. Totally in love with it. This wore for 4 days before I wore enough off at the ends, I decided to switch colors.

But let me tell you. Removal was TERRIBLE. I couldn't find my acetone and used non-acetone remover which took FOREVER with a glitter polish.So, always, always use 100% acetone for glitter polish. Non-acetone just doesn't soak off very well.

So yeah, $6-7 range for a trio. Super easy. Super fun. Available at Walmart, Target, I think you can even get them at Walgreens and the like. Get 100% acetone for removal and save yourself heartache. (a rule for glitter that I ignored and suffered!)

P.S. Wondering about my peely sad nails? This post is from before the Essie nail wraps. So, any sad nails are literally just my genes. ;) 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zoya Ziv

I am in love with this polish.

I love it enough, I photographed it on day 3 with tip wear and still have to share it.

Its the same foil/metallic awesome as Zoya Hazel but in gold. Its like liquid joy in a bottle. Its a great gold, not too yellow and not too silver/gray.

Grab it on or your favorite retailer (but since its not a new color, wait for a sale). And thanks to the awesomeness of this polish, I have a list of Zoya foils to buy on the next sale for myself. What is your favorite Zoya foil? I have heard Trixie is a must have, so its top of my list.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Essie Sleek Stick UV cured Nail Appliques

So I found these at my local DollarTree and decided to give them a try.

I have tried vinyl nail appliques in the past and have had mixed results with them. I applied mine similarly to Jamberry (if you have heard of them before). I didn't actually heat the wraps with a rice pack to seal on, but I did use heat and pressure to attach them to my nails. I will report back on removal. I have had really bad removal with Jamberry (losing the top layer of my nails leading to breakage for MONTHS) and its hard to want to use the rest of the wraps I own already. Since these were only $1, and I honestly couldn't tell what they would be like inside the package, I decided to give them a shot. I actually thought they would be more like sheets of nail polish like a different brand, but they are not.

Don't Cheetah on Me is a textured sticker/applique. So the wrap felt very similar to Jamberry. I trimmed off a large amount of the length of the wrap with a nail scissors, and then filed off the end with the included file. I decided to go ahead and compare it to a tried true nail polish combo, so its every other nail with OPI's Color of Minnie (a lovely blue flashing red).

(Yes the polish is already chipped, its because my nail has literally chipped up in layers. It is sad. Cry with me).

I wore these wraps and polish for 5 days. The ends actually did as well or BETTER than Jamberry. Yes, color me surprised. However, and this is a BIG however. I carefully and slowly removed these with oil (per the box insert) and I literally have loose strings of nail peeling off from about halfway up the nail toward the tip. I will be doing a nail treatment with Orly Nailtrition to grow out the sad peelies. Hopefully it grows out before a Halloween witchy party a friend is throwing.

Unrelated to nails, but look my Obedient plant BLOOMS! Its been blooming for a couple of weeks now, but it finally turned cooler so its not covered in bees. When it is covered in bees there are little black fuzzy butts sticking out the purple flowers. Its amusing but not as pretty as the purple flowers.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Zoya Oswin - fan girls unite!

I love Dr. Who. As any good fan girl would, I snatched up Oswin as soon as she was out.

To be honest, not my fave. I think it looks a little flat for a Pixie dust. I did photos with a thin coat of top coat to make it more sparkly. And, it was harder to remove than the 'traditional' pixie because of the large glitters in there. But the geek chic in me means, I will wear it again.


The Doctor: Oswin, I am so sorry. But you are a Dalek. The milk, Oswin. The milk and the eggs for the soufflĂ©. Where—where—did it all come from?
Oswin: Eggs...
The Doctor: It wasn't real. It was never real.
Oswin: Eggs... ter... min... ate. Exterminate...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zoya Dream

One upon a time I pained my nails all the time. Then I stopped because I don't have time to take good photos for a blog. But that is silly because  every once in a while a girl just has to share pretty nails. Even when she uses a laptop webcam and forgets to crop the crap. Look my 4 year old's clothes for tomorrow!

The polish is actually darker than this IRL - very much a royal blue color. And the tiny scattered holo in there is just breath taking. What can I say I love Zoya polishes.

This color is from the winter/holiday 2013 collection. Its still available on and can be found elsewhere as well. Zoya's retail for $9, but I always buy during promos or a sale, so I know I paid less.