Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DaringDigits Disco Diamond

Daring Digits Diamond disco is a clear based glitter top coat. It has tiny little holographic sparkles as well as larger octagon and large diamond holographic glitters. Its AMAZING in the sun. Simply stunning.  Save this one for a day you will be out and about a lot. Its nice indoors and on cloudy days, but when the sun hits it Bam!

Daring Digits Diamond Disco

This is 2 coats over a graphite gray/black color.

And just to show how this polish wears I took a couple of photos late in the day of day 3 of the mani. Keep in mind I don't baby my hands.I washed dishes, cleaned up a few spills and even did some serious packing for a friend on day 1 of the mani. The 3rd day was also, you guessed it cloudy. Still nice, but not nearly as holographic.
Daring Digits Diamond Disco on day 3 of wear

And above is compared to the first day in full sun.

My only complaint, is easily fixed by me with better application. If any of the big diamonds are near the edge they are pokey. I did clean up on the middle nail and the corner of a diamond stuck out a little. It was catching on everything and rather annoying. Obviously not THAT annoying since i wore the polish for 3 days, but next tiem I wll make sure there aren't any diamonds on the top edge as well as the normal hanging off the end of the nail.

Daring Digits retails for $7.75 for full size and $4.25 for minis. You can find her on etsy! All polish was bought by me and all opinions are my own. And yes I do want to wear this again.


  1. That top coat is so pretty! I love it layered over black! :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. Thanks! I look forward to wearing it over some other base colors for the holidays. So sparkly and fun!

  3. Hey girl!! Just wanted to say this glitter polish is AWESOME!!! And if you get a chance it would be dope if you sent me pics of a mani you do using the polishes you won!!! You can post on my Facebook page if you want at Glitter Me This!!

    1. I will! I haven't decided on a Halloween day manicure yet and I never took a pic of the mani we wore trunk r treating Saturday. That one wasn't special, just glow in the dark.