Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zoya Daul and Faye

Sorry for no post earlier this week. Turns out my 3 year old has asthma. And I started going back to school this week. Its been an eventful couple of days.

The Zoya promo is in full swing, so go get yours!

Here are the colors that look like they could almost be dupes on paper.

First up is Faye. Faye is from the Summer 2011. Its a mauve purple with lots of gold microglitter. This isn't like standard glitter, its glitter look without the glitter clean up. LOVE!

This is somewhat sheer, so either layer it up or just appreciate it on its own. Its not as sheer looking in person as in macro photos.

Zoya Daul is from fall 2012 Diva Collection. Its a deep purple with gold micro glitter. I apologize for this photo, but somehow all the other ones I had of this color on its own were terrible. So, mediocrity wins.
Again, this is a a more sheer color. Much more purple than Faye. Because of the purple, the gold glitter is less yellow in appearance.

And comparison pics.
 Daul, Faye, Daul, Faye

And, slightly out of focus; Faye, Daul, Faye. So you can see how the shimmer looks in the light.

So go check out the Zoya Promo. Three free polishes $10 ship or free ship with $25 purchase.
You can make an account using the link here.

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