Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoya Danni and Zoya Adina

Its purple day! Today's purple polishes are both spring colors from Zoya, in years past. Its been a swatching marathon today and I even redid a few shots for this post.

 Sorry for the crappy bottle shots! I promise the fingers are prettier. Danni on left, Adina on right.

Danni is from Zoya's Spring 2011 collection. Its a lovely bright purple with a pink shimmer. They describe it as an enchanted orchid metallic. All I know is its purple and pretty.

 I am guessing this is because I bought this bottle in a blog sale, but application was TERRIBLE. It was thick sort of goopy. I have only run across that once with Zoya polishes and what do you know, it was from the same blog sale. Needless to say, I was pretty fed up with it. But, it was a one coat wonder...sort of. I will thin this down if I wear it again. I am not a huge fan of purples, so that may or may not happen any time soon.


Next up is Zoya Adina. Also from a spring collection, 2010 this time, titled Reverie collection. Unlike Danni this one is a duochrome. I like to think of this like a purple opal. I know that makes no sense since opals are whites with color change, but it just does. Its a medium purple (not too different from Danni in intensity) with a color change to a purple/teal color. Some people call it a mermaid color because of the color change.

This polish is also very sheer. It took 2 thick coats to get full coverage on my short nails. If you are familiar with Zoya I would say the formula is about standard. Not super thin, but thinner than a lot of other brands that are only 3 free instead of the 4 free or 5 free polishes.

And now the finale. I painted every other nail with each color AND took photos outside. I got some really bright lighting thanks to all the snow that will never melt so enjoy these in true technicolor.

Turns out I really like them together so I think I will be sporting an ombre style 2 color skittles Manicure until I paint my nails again.

Like these colors? Love them? Starting Monday 1/7 there will be a special coupon for 3 free bottles of Zoya polish ($10 S&H, free S&H with $25 purchase). I will be blogging next week with more colors. I still have some yummy microglitters and pink posts in the works. If you don't have a Zoya account yet, sign up for one here. You can start shopping and adding colors to your cart now and wait until you know exactly what you want before you actually buy.

Disclaimer, I bought these both myself. All opinions are my own.


  1. Both purples look fantastic on you! I very much like them together too! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks! As much as I usually don't wear purples, most of my Zoya's are purple.