Monday, November 19, 2012

Cupcakes for Monday

Still taking a nail break of my own, but I have a 4 year old that BEGGED for some nail art.

I know, it should be pumpkin pie, but what can I say. Sometimes you just need cupcakes. Especially if you are 4 and you see mommy looking at nail art manicures on Pinterest.

We did a skittles manicure with colors she liked. Then white frosting was applied to the tips. After it dried I added sprinkles with the tip of a size 4 knitting needle. My dotting tool disappeared.

In case you are curious as to any of the colors, I will ID them.

Thumb: Booty Babe Hella Baloo
Pointer: Essie Mint Candy Apple
Middle: Zoya Lolly (matte!)
Ring: Sinful colors Unicorn (FYI this color stains! Use a blocking base coat or wear less than 24 hours.)
Pinky: Dare T. Wear Strip-Tease
Frosting: Orly Dayglow

P.S. My nails are still peeling and terrible. I keep trimming/filing and doing treatments. I am going into see a doctor tomorrow to discuss some health issues (like the fact that a 30 year old woman should have had her tonsils taken out back in the 80s *sigh*) and bring up the nails. My nails have never been really strong or nice, but this is crazy.


  1. Cute cupcakes! :-)
    Good luck with your nails!

    ~ Yun

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