Monday, October 20, 2014

Exposure aka Sometimes I do glitter

You know how glitter is so pretty and sparkley and it just mesmerizes you?

Yep. That just happened.

I am often impressed by how good of photos I can take with an ipad. Seriously.

This is from the Kiss nails gradation trio. It is called Exposure. It is a gold glitter gradient kit with the last layer also having some large holo glitters in them. They have a pink, gray, and blue according to the website but I didn't see the blue when I was at the store last time. Its probably too popular. Or my Walmart makeup section is too busy looking like a war zone. I want the other colors though.

I also used a new to me top coat from Poshe. Totally in love with it. This wore for 4 days before I wore enough off at the ends, I decided to switch colors.

But let me tell you. Removal was TERRIBLE. I couldn't find my acetone and used non-acetone remover which took FOREVER with a glitter polish.So, always, always use 100% acetone for glitter polish. Non-acetone just doesn't soak off very well.

So yeah, $6-7 range for a trio. Super easy. Super fun. Available at Walmart, Target, I think you can even get them at Walgreens and the like. Get 100% acetone for removal and save yourself heartache. (a rule for glitter that I ignored and suffered!)

P.S. Wondering about my peely sad nails? This post is from before the Essie nail wraps. So, any sad nails are literally just my genes. ;) 

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