Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OPI Up Front and Personal

I have been wearing this for 4 days now waiting for sunlight to take photos. I give up. Its been dreary, cloudy, rainy, and filled with Tornado warnings. Spring is finally here in Kansas!

OPI Up Front and Personal is a sheer gold with bits that reflect red and gold in the sun. Its from the Spring 2010 Brights collection.

This is 2 coats. I knew it was going to sheer, so I decided to embrace it. A lot of people hate seeing visible nail lines. If that is you STAY AWAY. This really is a sheer color. For me, I think sheer colors look really clean and tidy.

But, this gold is a really flattering color. Its not very yellow, and the red and green sparkles will keep you staring at your hands when you stop at red lights or sit near a window.

This is an older collection, but I think the color is still pretty popular. Its easily found on Amazon in the $5-6 range.  I bought mine from a discount beauty supply store online.


  1. It's really cute! I like sheer colors... they add just a pop of color without being too obvious. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Yes they are great! Perfect for the 'I am conservative' but I still love color look.