Monday, December 31, 2012

China Glaze Sci-Fi

I thought I had posted on this one before, but I couldn't find the post. So, here it is.

China Glaze "Sci-Fi" is a metallic purple. Its from the 2009 Khrome collection which is a bunch of crome metallic colors. I actually thought it was more of a gray until I started playing around with the color and toppers and the lavender really came out.

Its a one coater, except that it tends to drag if you don't paint really fast and then let it fully dry.  >.<  So paint each nail fast, and don't go back to it until its fully dry, even if you miss a spot. If you do, you will see what happened to my middle fingernail. Not a killer, but if i weren't planning on layering this later in the week, I would add a second coat to that nail.

The color looks gray on my hands. Maybe its because its cloudy (snow is rolling in and by the time this post goes live Monday morning we should have at least an inch on the ground. It can pull off a metallic silver almost gunmetal color if you don't have gray next to it. It would be excellent for people that want a neutral that love wearing purples. Its just a Hint of color.

Disclaimer, I bought this myself. I got it online at a discount store (TonyNail) over the summer. It might be a bit hard to find since its a little older. But since it is in a discount site, I am guessing it might not be *that* hard to find.

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