Monday, September 3, 2012

OPI The Color of Minnie

I saw this 30 day challenge on a few nail blogs I follow and I want to be part of the team. Only not really since I am a nail blog newbie. I paint my nails as a way to rejuvenate myself after a long day. I don't do it every day, but I have started taking pride in my nails...and amassing quite the nail polish collection.

Also, my photos are newbie. I took 10 of them and most of them I didn't get a good focus or the reflection off the polish was bad, etc. So these are the best 2, and they are actually 2 of the first pics so the hand angle isn't very good as it was a lighting shot not a nail shot. So apologies all around.

Without further ado, the polish of the day.

Day 1 is Red. This is OPI's The Color of Minnie.

This is only 2 coats. You ca n sort of see a nail line at certain angles, but it isn't enough to bother me. Base coat is Color Club Vita base, top coat is OPI's top coat (not my favorite op coat at all, but dang if i won't use it all). I would normally want to show my right hand as I am a lefty, but the top coat got in the way. Painted my nails 2 hours before bed and still got covers creases from the top coat. :(

The color has a little bit of shimmer but wasn't very streaky. I think its a rather true red, but the shimmer will change the warm or cool of the color. When wearing a blue shirt the nails appeared more blue based, in a coral/orange shirt it was more orange red

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