Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zoya Emme

Finals week part 2: More Pink! Ok technically this is posting in the week between classes, but I wrote this at the end of finals week. Scheduled posts are awesome!

This week I made my first bulk nail polish purchase since August from Its almost all discount 'clearance' brands and colors that no one will probably recognize. I am pretty excited though. I think I have worn everything IN my nail polish bin. "New Toys!" said just like in Toy Story 3. I got a few of the bigger brand names (OPI and China Glaze) as well as some top and base coats, so I am excited for this package!

Zoya Emme is a pearly pink from the Ooh-La-La collection Summer 2009.

This polsih sucked. Yeah I said it. The color is pretty. I don't even necessarily mind brush strokes since I am a fan of metallic and frost finishes. But bubbles on the nail and problems drying are a different matter. I waited 30 min and it was still soft. It didn't even feel like it was going on that thick. Thicker than many of my Zoyas, but no thicker than other colors. So I left my fingerprint. I checked all the other fingers an hour after I took photos. They all got fingerprints. Awesome right? Not so much.

Most of the finger prints leveled as it finally dried, but who has time to wait an hour for polish to dry? Maybe some people do, but I do not.

If you are a sucker for pearl pinks, add thinner and pray it works.

This is where I was planning on ending the post. But, while writing up this post, I decided to try it out myself. I added Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner from Sally's. Usually I add about 4 drops. This time I gave it a good squeeze. Not a ton, but probably 2-3 times my typical 'dose.' It worked. Awesome right? Sure its great that it dries easier. Its great that it was far less streaky when I applied it. Its great that there were no more bubbles. Unfortunately, I had to add thinner to make the polish usable. And this was literally my first time opening the bottle. So, buy this color with caution, or at least a bottle of thinner on hand.

P.S. Keep an eye out on Zoya's facebook page. They have traditionally had an Earth day promo involving discounted polishes and a special so you can send in your bad for the environment polish for them to recycle. Earth day is April 22nd.


  1. Emme is such a pretty color, but I agree with you its formula isn't the best. Mine is pretty thick. I added two full squirts of Zoya Renew into the bottle, and it's a lot better after that. :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. I know right?! Its a beautiful color, but I get a little annoyed when a brand new polish needs help to be usable. If I didn't have so many of their other polishes and know usually they are great, I would probably not chance purchasing from them again.

    2. I don't mind added thinner into polish. I find after each use of a polish, it helps to add a drop to replace the amount that evaporated while I had the bottle open. Only issue with Emme is that since it was brand new, I was afraid of overflowing the bottle haha. I haven't heard of anyone else running into a formula problem with Emme, so maybe we got a bad batch. If you are unhappy, you should call Zoya and see if they have any suggestions. They are such a great brand (one of the best formulas in my opinion) - don't rule them out on just one bad bottle. :)