Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No photos this week

I have a super cute manicure on right now (OPI Elephantastic Pink with Salon Perfect Shocked accent nails), but I am not sharing photos. Why? Oh well when I was in the car yesterday morning I was pulling a price tag plastic thing off of a hat and jammed my thumb into the roof of the car and got some severe damage. My husband joked that it was because I had long nails, but I actually don't right not. So I guess I should be glad I didn't break my thumb, but I am sad because I have a nail-less finger and the swelling is pretty bad. I can't even take off my nail polish because the acetone will really hurt the areas where my nail bed is no longer attached. I don't even want to try to take it all off with q tips to avoid the raw area. So see you in a week, or in July when my class that is taking an average of 12 hours a week is over (for a 2 credit hour class, NOT happy about that). Then again I have an owie on my hand and am in pain. Plus, I got an assignment graded stating that the format I had been doing writeups for was no longer acceptable, so I am probably overly cranky.

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  1. Yikes that sounds really painful. I hope it's all healed by now. <3

    ~ Yun