Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey there readers!

Sorry for no updates for most of a week now. I have gone back to school, and as a mom that means I took my 4 hours a week of me time - 'free time' and added 15 hours a week of school work into it. Yes the math does NOT add up.

This last week was a disaster. This week the house isn't quite as trashed, and I even feel like I might have some time for me things. I still have a 2 page writing assignment and 4 chapters to read before class tomorrow night. And that is JUST stuff due before class. I have more to do between class and Saturday when all weekly assignments are due.

This means posts will not be coming on a regular basis. I will aim for one a week, but even then it might be just a photo, or just a whiney post like this one. I have photos that need cropped and posts that need written. I found a close enough dupe for my favorite nude/neutral ever (discontinued of course). I even have one of the new Spring 2013 Zoya colors I need to swatch and photograph. And a dupe alert for that one to! It will come soon.

 Thanks for reading!

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  1. I totally understand how sometimes real life just steamrolls over free time. Hope your school has been going well! <3

    ~ Yun