Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making a Comeback!

Oh man its been forever. I wrote a post the day after my surgery, and that was probably one of the easiest days until over a week after that. All the meds they give you during surgery really do take a day or so to get out of your body. In case anyone is curious here is how it went.

I had surgery on Tuesday. My mother-in-law came that afternoon. Hubby took the day off of work. The next morning swallowing, etc was painful but I took my narcotics and iburpofen and was ok. I spent a LOT of time sleeping. I would get woken up for meds and a protein shake.

Then Friday night I got thrush. Anyone that has ever nursed a baby and has dealt with thrush, its far worse in your own mouth! They took me off the antibiotics and we started pushing probiotics and yogurt. Meanwhile it hurt to do anything. Even fully medicated and not swallowing I was wincing in pain. It took several days for that to wear off. I also ended up getting lots of nausea and got some anti-nausea meds as well. You should see our credit card statement. We went to the local grocery store and made purchases 4 times in one day a couple of times (usually one in the pharmacy one at the register in the same trip. We being my husband. I never left bed except to use the toilet 10 feet away.

Anyway it took until the end of last week for me to even spend a day on the couch. And over the last 4 days I have been getting better and better each day. I painted my nails Sunday for the first time since pre-surgery. I even was able to eat chocolate! Still no tomato sauce (too acidic), but I have eaten plenty of 'real' food so that is exciting.

Nail posts will resume later this week!

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